Want to Boost Your Immune System? Then Keep Reading! 

 August 4, 2021

By  Dr. Polly Hediger

immune system chiropracticBecause of the current environment in which we live, it is important to focus on the overall health of your immune system. Your immune system is responsible for fighting off invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, you should do everything you can to give your immune system the resources it requires to protect your body from harm. What are a few ways you can improve the health and strength of your immune system? Take a look at the list below, then reach out to us for more information.

1. Exercise Regularly

First, you must make sure you exercise regularly. Exercise is incredibly important for giving your body the strength it needs to build a strong immune system. Also, if you exercise regularly, you should be able to reduce the frequency with which you get sick.

If you are actively ill, exercise may be the last thing on your mind; however, you may be able to recover more quickly if you exercise regularly. For example, going for a simple walk around the block can make a significant difference in your fitness level which, in return, can aid the immune system’s ability to fight active infections.

2. Invest in Proper Nutrition

Next, you should invest in proper nutrition. So your focus should be on eating a well-balanced, healthy diet with the majority of your nutrition coming from natural, organic sources. However, in today’s fast-paced life, this isn’t always possible. That’s why you should also consider taking quality supplements that are professionally recommended by your chiropractor.

A lot of people understand that vitamin C can make a significant difference in your immune system’s ability to build white blood cells; however, quality supplementation with a daily multivitamin can be extremely helpful as well. If you want to take things up a notch, make sure you also include vitamin D with vitamin K. This combination is a one two punch to fighting viruses by boosting your immune system.

3. Get Enough Sleep

If you want to prevent yourself from getting sick, you must make sure you get enough sleep. The average adult requires approximately eight hours of sleep per night. Children require even more. If you want to make sure you give your immune system the building blocks it needs to build white blood cells and antibodies, get plenty of sleep on a nightly basis. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, consider staying away from caffeine in the afternoon and put down your mobile devices at least an hour before you go to bed. That way, you’ll have a much easier time slipping into quality, restful sleep.

4. Reduce Your Stress

Stress can be an albatross to your immune system. If you want to build a strong immune system, you’ll need to learn how to improve your stress management techniques. For example, stretching regularly can be a great way to alleviate stress. You might want to check out other activities as well such as yoga or pilates. If you have a difficult time managing your stress, you may want to reach out to a mental health professional too. Bottom line: If you can reduce the amount of stress in your life, you can build a much stronger immune system.

5. Visit a Chiropractor Regularly

Finally, you should also visit a chiropractor regularly. Prevention is an important part of building a stronger immune system.

Your local chiropractor will take a look at the alignment of your spine. Then, he or she will use a series of chiropractic adjustments to place any misalignments back in proper position. This not only aids overall joint health but also helps the nervous system function at its proper capacity. In return, your body will get a boost from its immune system since normal neural transmissions have been restored.

In addition, your local chiropractor can also help you improve your lifestyle management. This includes everything we’ve already addressed like exercising regularly, exploring stress reduction, and improving your diet.

If you want to build a stronger immune system, you should take a comprehensive approach to your overall health. Your local chiropractor can play an important role in doing exactly just that. With a stronger immune system, you can reduce the frequency you get sick. So make sure you give us a call today. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Polly Hediger

Dr. Polly Hediger grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, called Highland. After graduating in the top 10 of her high school class, she attended Southwestern Illinois College for general studies. In 1998, Dr. Hediger entered the accelerated science program at Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri. Through her coursework there she completed her Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Dr. Polly Hediger

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