How Chiropractic Can Help You Overcome Shin Splints 

 May 18, 2022

By  Dr. Polly Hediger

chiropractic and shin splintsIf you like to run, or if you simply spend a lot of time on your feet, you might develop shin splints. There are a lot of people who believe that they need to take prescription medications or have surgery to fix shin splints, but that is not necessarily the case. There are situations where a chiropractor can help you recover from shin splints while also minimizing possible complications and side effects.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Shin Splints?

There are a number of common causes of shin splints, but most of them have to do with overloading the tendons, ligaments, and bones of the lower leg. Typically, this has to do with repetitive motion that involves the lower legs. If you place a lot of repeated, high-impact stress on your lower leg, you could develop shin splints.

There are a few people who are at a significant risk of developing shin splints. For example, runners and dancers are some of the most common people who place this type of stress in their lower legs. Gymnasts can also be at risk of developing shin splints. Furthermore, people who are overweight or obese might also be at a greater risk of developing shin splints. While shin splints can happen to anyone, it is particularly important for anyone mentioned among the groups above to be vigilant for the development of shin splints.

What Are the Symptoms of Shin Splints?

Similar to other conditions, shin splints can present in a variety of ways depending on the severity of the condition. The most common symptom of shin splints is discomfort. While the pain can show up just about anywhere in the lower leg, the pain tends to be the worst along the border of the tibia. Furthermore, the pain should get worse if you press on the edge of the leg.

There are other symptoms that might manifest as well. For example, a lot of people with shin splints develop slight swelling of the lower leg. It is also not unusual for shin splints to be worse in one leg than the other. The calf muscle might also get a bit tight as people compensate for the discomfort.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You Recover From Shin Splints?

If you suffer from shin splints, you should reach out to a chiropractor who can help you. A chiropractor will check the alignment of the vertebrae in your spine to make sure they are in the right spots. By making sure the spine is aligned, you can reduce the stress you place on your lower leg.

A chiropractor will also assess your leg, knee and ankle for joint misalignments or subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments work amazingly well at realigning these joints. However, if they need additional support, your chiropractor may recommend orthotics.

Then, a chiropractor can make sure there are no pinched nerves in your back. This is critical for ensuring that you have proper motor and sensory function in you lower leg. Finally, a chiropractor can also recommend corrective exercises that can help you strengthen vulnerable parts in your leg that can prevent shin splints from returning.

Visit a Local Chiropractor for Help With Shin Splints

In the end, these are just a few of the most important points that you need to keep in mind regarding shin splints. This is a common concern that can lead to significant discomfort that can make it hard for you to talk, run, or take the stairs. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need to have surgery or take prescription medications to help you recover. A chiropractor can help you identify the root cause of the issue can develop a treatment plan to help you address it. Reach out to a local chiropractor to schedule an appointment. If you don’t have a local chiropractor, please give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Polly Hediger

Dr. Polly Hediger grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, called Highland. After graduating in the top 10 of her high school class, she attended Southwestern Illinois College for general studies. In 1998, Dr. Hediger entered the accelerated science program at Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri. Through her coursework there she completed her Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Dr. Polly Hediger

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