5 Kettlebell Swing Benefits Every Chiropractic Patient Should Know 

 October 13, 2021

By  Dr. Polly Hediger

kettle bells chiropracticHave you been to visit your chiropractor recently? If so, there’s a good chance that your chiropractor was singing the praises of using kettlebell swings to help optimize your overall health. When you go to the gym, you probably see a bunch of kettlebells laying around everywhere, too. They might even be hard to find because so many people are using them nowadays. Why is this the case? Because when performed correctly, kettlebell swings are some of the best exercises you can perform. In today’s article, we’ll explore 5 specific kettlebell swings and their benefits. Keep reading to learn more…

1. Endurance and Strength Training

One of the first benefits of kettlebell swings is that you can improve your endurance and strength training at the same time. A lot of people believe endurance and strength training are different things. They run on the treadmill, then they lift weights. With kettlebell swings, you can do both at the same time. You can keep your heart rate up as you swing the kettlebell while also firing various muscle groups. This can help you build lean muscle while also improving your cardiac endurance.

2. Improve Your Core Strength

Another significant benefit of kettlebell swings is that you can improve your core strength. Not only will you work your abdominal muscles but you will work your obliques as well. As long as you swing the kettlebell completely from side to side, you can quickly improve the strength of your core muscles. You will probably fall in love with the six-pack you see in the mirror, but this can also help you improve your stability, protecting other parts of your body.

3. Reduce Your Chances of Injury

If you want to reduce your chances of getting hurt, then you should perform kettlebell swings regularly. A kettlebell swing should be a full-body workout. Therefore, you should be able to strengthen small muscles that you do not otherwise target. If you can improve the strength of these small muscles, you can provide more support to areas of your body that are vulnerable to injury. This could include your ligaments, tendons, and joints. As a result, kettlebell swings will make you stronger which helps reduce injuries.

4. Low Impact Exercise

You need to protect the cartilage between your joints. Therefore, you might be looking for a low-impact exercise. The good news is that kettlebell swings fall under this category. If you perform kettlebell swings regularly, you should not have to worry about injuring your joints.

Of course, you need to make sure you do not strike your body with your kettlebell swings, as this is probably not going to feel good! When you are swinging kettlebells for the first time, you may want to work with a professional who can help you. If you’re looking for guidance online, check out Mark Wildman’s YouTube Channel. It’s full of useful information for both beginner and advanced users alike.

5. Improve Your Balance

Finally, swinging a kettlebell regularly can help you improve your balance. The first time you swing the kettlebell, it is not unusual to fall over. Therefore, you should be careful and make sure you are standing on a soft mat. The more you swing the kettlebell, the more you will improve your coordination. This can go a long way toward helping you improve your balance, reducing your chance of suffering a fall.

Consider Performing Kettlebell Swings

These are just a few of the top benefits of kettlebell swings. If you want to improve your overall health, strength, and endurance, then you should perform kettlebell swings regularly as well. Of course, you need to make sure this is safe for you, so reach out to your local chiropractor to schedule an appointment. That way, you can develop an exercise routine that is perfect for your specific needs.

If you don’t have a local chiropractor, please give us a call. We would love to serve you and your healthcare needs. So give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Dr. Polly Hediger

Dr. Polly Hediger grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, called Highland. After graduating in the top 10 of her high school class, she attended Southwestern Illinois College for general studies. In 1998, Dr. Hediger entered the accelerated science program at Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri. Through her coursework there she completed her Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) and graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Dr. Polly Hediger

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